We believe that the best control system programming is achieved when their is direct and on-demand access to the systems we are programming.

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What's New?

DGC launched its game changing Cloud-Based Monitoring Platform DGnet Watchdog at infoComm 2017. It received a warm reception and was chosen as a “RAVE” top 10 new product. Watchdog allows you to monitor the health of your AV assets regardless of the control system running them, with almost a zero barrier of entry and no upfront costs. View watchdog.dgnet.cloud to stay informed.

White Glove Virtual Presence

White Glove Virtual Presence describes the quality and method of services DGC provides. It is an array of tools and processes that are continually developed and refined to help facilitate an effective, responsive, and flexible interaction with our clients and their systems. This is offered in accordance with our core belief, that the best control system programming is achieved when programmers have direct and on-demand access to the systems they are programming. These tools and processes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • DGnet, our secure virtual private network for connecting directly to our clients
  • The DGnet Portal, the physical component of our WGVP method, which includes a host of accessories to allow for direct connection to any system
  • Regularly updated project blogs, shared documents and other forms of reliable and effective communications tools