Expert Control System, Audio DSP programming, and highly creative eye catching GUI's are only the beginning. Unique services and unprecedented warranties are the bonus.

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What's New?

DGC launched its game changing Cloud-Based Monitoring Platform DGnet Watchdog at infoComm 2017. It received a warm reception and was chosen as a “RAVE” top 10 new product. Watchdog allows you to monitor the health of your AV assets regardless of the control system running them, with almost a zero barrier of entry and no upfront costs. View to stay informed.


Control System Programming: Solid, reliable control systems programming for industry-leading manufacturers including Crestron and AMX.

Audio DSP Programming: Audio DSP Programming: Audio digital-signal-processing coding from our skilled programmers for Biamp, ClearOne, Peavey, BSS, Symetrix, Rane, and Polycom systems.

Lighting System Programming: Control software for a variety of lighting configurations.

Control System Audit Services: A full or partial examination of your existing systems to help facilitate expansions, upgrades, modifications and repairs.

System Consulting and Design: Design and planning for all of your control systems and A/V needs.

Virtual System Commissioning: Complete system commissioning from our professional staff at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Creative Services: Offering custom graphics and touch panel design, as well as comprehensive user manuals.

Control System Programming

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DGC offers a full spectrum of programming services, which include coding of control systems such as AMX and Crestron. Our team of certified programmers will provide the highest level of quality code for even the most complex of control system designs. Having a commitment to providing the best in customer service means that we guarantee our programming for the life of your system, and that includes making minor, reasonable changes at no cost to you.

AMX hardware and software solutions simplify the way people interact with technology. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and home, AMX solves the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. AMX's award-winning products span control and automation, switching, distributed audio and video, and technology management. They are implemented worldwide in conference rooms, homes, classrooms, network operation / command centers, hotels, entertainment venues, broadcast facilities, among others.

Crestron is the leading provider of home control systems, building control systems, and campus control systems. For over 40 years Crestron technology has led the industry in touch panel and touchscreen remote control technologies for home theater systems, including media servers, amplifiers and speakers. Our keypads, handheld remote controls and mobile device controls for the Apple iPad™ and iPhone® allow users multiple options for home theater control,lighting control, climate control and audio control. Automation solutions for building and campus control technologies include HD video conferencing, AV presentation systems and building management control systems. Our partnerships with Microsoft, Apple, Texas Instruments and other industry leaders allow Crestron to make control solutions that work with every company and home worldwide. We provide technology solutions that make you more connected than ever before, and more energy efficient and sustainable then you've ever imagined.


DSP Programming

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At DGC, we understand the importance of a providing a full range of programming services, which is why we offer DSP coding for systems such as Biamp, ClearOne, Peavy, BSS, Symetrix, Rane and Polycom systems. Our team of expert programmers will make sure that your audio systems are tuned and configured to produce the best quality sound for your space(s). And having a commitment to providing the best in customer service means that we guarantee our programming for the life of your system, and that includes making minor, reasonable changes at no cost to you.


Lighting Systems

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We can provide professional programming for lighting systems such as Lutron, AMX and Crestron, either in coordination with other control system programming, or as a stand alone service.


Control System Audit Services

If your budget prevents you from getting the most up-to-date equipment, let us preform an audit of your existing systems to find ways of breathing some new life into your current setup. With over a decade of experience, DGC can recommend upgrades and updates that would increase the power, performance and flexibility of your systems without breaking the bank. We can do a full work-up of your entire physical design, or just a partial review of the control code for any repaired or replaced part(s) to make sure they will fit seamlessly into your configuration. Let us get started on improving your functionality today!


System Consultation & Design Support

Planning a new building, facility, or space? Let DGC help design your next installation to give you the maximum amount of functionality and control for all your systems requirements while keeping your budgetary concerns solidly in mind. DGC’s team of seasoned and certified A/V professionals will work directly with you to develop the perfect solution to help you meet your control, presentation and collaboration needs. With innumerable successfully completed projects to our credit, you can be assured that we have the background and expertise to provide the highest quality deliverables.


Virtual System Commissioning

The success of any programming effort relies upon the proper installation and configuration of the equipment being controlled. DGC takes a proactive stance to this process by offering our unique Virtual System Commissioning. This service verifies that every piece of equipment - including controlled components, Ethernet devices, communication ports, IR emitters, and relays - are properly configured and ready to communicate with the entire control system. We do this through the use of our Virtual Presence Tools which allows us to meet your needs without the expense or necessity of having professional staff on-site. This leads to lower labor costs and creates a shorter path to successful completion of a project.


Creative Services

Sales and creativity go hand-in-hand when developing both our internal marketing communications and our clients’ control systems. DGC has always offered uncompromising expertise in AV programming and an incredible array of "Tools and Processes" that assures the absolute best customer experience.

Through DGC's Creative Department, we are able to offer dynamic and unique touch panel designs. Our expertise in graphic design and creative business solutions make it possible for us to offer user interfaces that balance our client’s distinctive corporate identity while maintaining system usability. We create exceptional layouts that will conform to even your most demanding specifications.

In addition, we can provide concise user manuals for any or all of your control system interfaces which will allow you to have detailed descriptions of every system option at your fingertips.

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