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What's New?

DGC launched its game changing Cloud-Based Monitoring Platform DGnet Watchdog at infoComm 2017. It received a warm reception and was chosen as a “RAVE” top 10 new product. Watchdog allows you to monitor the health of your AV assets regardless of the control system running them, with almost a zero barrier of entry and no upfront costs. View watchdog.dgnet.cloud to stay informed.


Our virtual private network, DGnet, creates a secure, high-speed, and on-demand connection to the systems we are programming or monitoring without depending on the end user. When needed, we can grant access to specific assets on DGnet to third parties such as manufacturer technical support personnel. We can also grant permanent or temporary access for continued maintenance and support of any system connected to our network.

DGnet offers:

  • Real-time diagnostic support
  • Real-time system monitoring
  • Efficient system modifications and touch panel changes
  • Last-minute emergency services and support
  • Verification and demonstration of proper system operation
  • Reduction of on-site time, travel costs, and expenses
  • Instant support for your meetings, presentations, and events

  • To keep you securely and reliably connected, we offer DGnet Portal computers and the DGnet Portal Kit.

    DGnet Portal

    Our DGnet Portal consists of enterprise-grade hardware that is custom configured for us by Dell. Computers are loaded with a custom DGnet OS image, and they have all the software needed to configure and program control systems and audio DSPs. Optimized for remote access and reliability, these computers are updated from our cloud asset management server for efficient programming and diagnostics in a small footprint.

    Whether rack mounted as a long-term remote monitoring and diagnostic solution or as part of the DGnet Portal Kit, the DGnet Portal is the perfect tool for AV system configuration and diagnostics.


    DGnet Portal Kit

    Download PortalKitContents_8.5x14 [PDF]The DGnet Portal Kit contains several helpful accessories. Now on its third generation, the DGnet Portal kit provides the hardware, accessories, and Internet access required to connect DGnet to any system. Packaged in a custom Pelican case, it is the hardware component of our White Glove Virtual Presence method and connects our expert programmers with your project.

    The Kit provides everything needed to configure, program, commission, troubleshoot, and maintain any system. Readily deployed to any location, our expert team members and your technicians and engineers can easily and securely access it for system support, management, or diagnostics.

    The Kit serves as a 'programmer in a box', allowing entry-level technicians to be dispatched for either new installs or service calls with the confidence that they have the resources necessary for a successful project or call.

    Rapid Response

    Is your system having problems, but you don’t have time to wait for a technician to come and look at your set-up. DGC’s Rapid Response is the answer. Through the use of our DGnet Portal, we can be virtually on site in a matter of moments, diagnosing and resolving any difficulties you may be experiencing quickly and efficiently. No need to wait days or even weeks for professional availability when we can be helping to resolve your issues immediately!

    Remote Access

    Need more access to your clients and end-users? You can now connect directly to them through our secure DGnet Portal! Our dedicated network allows for immediate, high-speed conductivity to your customers’ AV systems without the concern of interrupting, or being interrupted by, other network traffic.

    Virtual Assistant

    Do you need an expert to help monitor and support your systems, but don’t want to incur the expense and logistics of keeping someone on-site? Let DGC’s Virtual Assistant take the role. Through careful placement of our DGnet Portal, our skilled staff will be able to monitor and assess your equipment for any potential problems that may arise, as well as offering instant support for your meetings, presentations and events. Any issues can be resolved quickly and professionally without the hassle of trying to schedule outside resources.

    Programming Support

    At DGC, we are committed to the success of every client. To that end, we offer a wide range of programming support services made to fit any sized job, regardless of whether your original coding was done by DGC or not! Let our certified and experienced technical staff handle your software needs, from minor coding modifications to full system reconfigurations. We offer a risk free analysis for all of your outstanding issues and requests, and can quickly provide you with a comprehensive estimate.